Choosing The Right gt Bmx Bikes For Yourself

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To an average person all bicycles are the same but if you a BMX rider then you are very well aware that gt bmx bikes are not the usual run of the mill bikes because they are not only different but very special to the rider. What started as knock off versions of motocross motorcycles in the 1960s has now evolved into the fastest growing category of bikes all over the world. 

If you are planning to get yourself a GT BMX bike then here are a few tips and advices you can keep in mind so that you get the best model possible from the best dealer. There are specific features of the bike that you have to consider before making the purchase.

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Different styles of BMX bikes and what to choose

Before buying a gt bmx bikes you have to decide on the style of bike you want. For instance there are classic styled BMX bikes. These are most reliable and will last for a long time. Moreover classic styled bikes are simple and fun to ride. But if you are someone who like to do a lot of tricks then the freestyle BMX bikes will be more suitable for you. 

Another style that is becoming very popular is the jump style BMX bikes. They are ideal for someone who does a lot of jump stunts on their bike. You will also have to decide the material for the frame of the bike between steel and aluminium. These are two different materials available in the market and the quality of the material determines the price of the BMX bike.

While steel frames are cheaper and sturdier, they tend to make the bike heavier. The aluminium frame of the gt bmx bikes is lightweight but is on the expensive side. 

Select rims that fit the riding conditions and requirements

The size of bike depends on your own height and your comfort. The sizes are available for people of all age groups. However, if you are over 12 you can choose a full sized BMX bike. The rims have to be taken into consideration when buying gt bmx bikes. The type of rim you need depends on the riding conditions.

If you are planning on getting a BMX for freestyle then you can opt for 48 spoke mag wheels. If you are going to do a more leisure riding then the lighter 32 spoke aluminium rim will suit you better. Aluminium rims are also ideal for racing as it helps you pick up more speed easily. For jumping you can opt for 48 spoke rims made of heavy duty gauge spokes.

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Keep a check on the safety

When you buy gt bmx bikes you have to be careful and buy a bike with all safety features. Whenever you buy a BMX, it is ready to use but you will have to make a few adjustments according to your requirements. The first and foremost is the brakes. While BMX bikes have only rear brakes, try to get the one that has linear pull brake as this provides better grips and stopping power. 

You can also add padding to the crossbars of the handlebars, top lube of the frame as well as the stems. If you are looking for gt bmx bikes for racing purpose, you will have to remove the kickstand along with the chain guards.


The GT BMX bikes have lightweight frame and are overall more durable than other type of bikes in the market. Select the one that fits in your requirement and your budget in the best possible way following the given tips.

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