Effective Living Rules for Small Home

by housetransform
living rules

Living in small spaces doesn’t need to be as hard as you would possibly think that’s why today I would like to share with you my five simple rules for little homes.

Make it multifunctional

As a society, we’ve been taught that the more you have with the happier you’ll be we’ve been taught that more is more but when living in a small space this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The less something is complicated the more it is often valued or appreciated because micro-apartments and tiny houses are so restricted with space. It’s easy for them to become overcrowded and chaotic this is often thanks to multiple pieces of furniture being needed for various tasks which quickly eats up space and makes it feel small and restrictive. In order to avoid this, I found one among the simplest ways to settle on the items that enter your house is to form sure that every single item you have has two functions.

For example, coffee tables that become dining tables and desks that fold into walls are often a part of the house that can be easily overlooked. So, making use of these as well as doors is a handy way to make sure that these don’t just function as room partitions but also as a place to hang or display items.

Get to organize the storage

Before moving into a small apartment, things tend to get a little messy around from time to time. This is especially so when living with another person in a small space but because being tiny 100% of the time is somewhat impossible, we found it helps to have little spaces like valet trays and letter holders to stay hold of the items that find yourself cluttering our space frequently like papers receipts and stationery.

Keep it clean

This rule really goes without saying nobody wants to live in a messy smelly and dusty apartment. But the reality is their cleaning often gets put off for longer than it should and in our case sometimes much longer than it should. Maximizing the use of a small space and using it often it gets dirty fast with all the traffic and continual where dust accumulates. Dirt gets tracked around and therefore the air gets stale pretty fast. Installing duct kitchen chimney may benefit you in keeping your cooking place clean as it will remove cooking combustion products outside of your space.

Prioritize air quality

Move or prioritize your air quality this rule is really very similar to rule 3 as it’s along the lines of being clean but in a small space, you have a lot less air to circulate around. Smells dust and dampness don’t really have places to go this is important as damp air can cause mold which can lead to respiratory problems.

Crack-up Windows

You can just crack your windows wide hospitable let all of that damp air escape but here it’s gray cold and rains tons. Most homes do not have ventilation systems so to avoid your expensive hot air escaping an excessive amount of but still get some circulation going you’ll crack open your trickle vents. This will at least allow some air to get in but if you’re taking hot showers cooking and drying clothes.


When you live in a small bedroom space even more frequently as bedding takes up such a large area. Changing it can often freshen up the entire apartment. Design small bedroom that will allow functioning properly within the minimum space.

Use Dimmers

Using lamps dimmers and uplighting can really transform the way the room feels so I’d encourage you to experiment with this if you have the space or the know-how and this is often something we’re getting to be looking into in additional detail.

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