Weighted blanket

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A weighted blanket is a blanket designed to provide relaxation, warmth and comfort to its users. A weighted blanket is believed to enhance happiness-stimulating hormones thereby reducing stress and promoting good sleep. 

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be?

How Heavy Should a Weighted Blanket Be? Most times, the weight of a weighted blanket  depends solely on what you feel is good for you. But there is a common rule that the weight of a weighted blanket should be around 10% of the user’s weight; however, the weight of a weighted blanket can be between 5-12% of the user’s weight. When making a choice, make sure comfort, warmth and relaxation is put into consideration.

Safe use of weighted blanket

As beneficial as a weighted blanket is, not everyone can use it. Weighted blanket indeed provides comfort, warmth, and relaxation to some users while it poses health risk to others who are in a condition that affects their breathing. The weight of the blanket may prevent ventilation, making it more difficult for them to breathe well. Therefore, any one who has any health condition such as low blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes or a respiratory disorder should talk to his doctor before using a weighted blanket. Also as a general rule, anyone who wants to use a weighted blanket must talk to his doctor so that he can be guided. 

Cleaning the weighted blanket

A weighted blanket can be cleaned in any of the ways below. 

Wash with machine and air-dry  

Wash your weighted blanket with cold or warm water and a detergent that is bleach-free. Do not use hot water, bleach or fabric softeners on your blanket while washing. After washing, air-dry the blanket. Shake the blanket and the spread one flat surface for even drying. Do not spread under doesn’t sunlight. 

Wash the cover alone with machine

If your weighted blanket has a cover which protects it,  then you may decide to wash the cover only. Generally, the cover can be washed without any specific directions. After washing, you can either use a dryer to dry it or air-dry in an open space according to instructions. 

 Wash and dry with machine

You can decide to clean your weighted blanket by using a washing machine. Wash your weighted blanket with cold or warm water and a detergent that is bleach-free. Do not use hot water, bleach or fabric softeners to wash the weighted blanket. After washing, set your drying machine to light drying and dry the weighted blanket. 

 Clean dirty spots and dry clean

Locate any spot of dirt and stain on the weighted blanket and use a soap or a mild stain remover to clean the spots. You can either rub the stains softly with a sponge or your fingers after which you then rinse with cold water and air-dry. 

Lastly, some weighted blankets are labeled dry clean only, follow the instructions and dry clean alone. 


Using a weighted blanket provides comfort and warmth but to be on the safer side, you must seek guidance before using one. 

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