Meditation for Good Health

by boomingworld

 Meditation is the state of peace of mind and body. It relaxed our strained nerves and bring inner calmness and tranquility. Sleep is unconscious meditation; meditation is conscious asleep. In sleep we get limited energy. In meditation we get abundant energy. This energy enhances the inner self and make mind and body coordinate with each other. Meditation makes our mind relaxed and a person feel happy and relieved from any mental illness. It also helps to reach greater height in the physical realm. Mediation is nothing but a journey of our consciousness towards the self. Meditation in  Yoga training relieves the persons inner negativity unites the body with the soul and a person experiences inner peace.

 In today’s world with full of hectic schedule, an individual surrounding by harmful substances in the atmosphere like pollution and the worldly things, meditation can help to connect ourselves to our inner health, making a person away from stress and anxiety. 

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 To do mediation, first we have to stop all the functions of our body and mind, that is body movements seeing, speaking and thinking.  For mediation to first thing is posture. It is necessary to sit in an atmosphere away from noise and which an individual feels are comfortable for meditating. Generally an area with greenery affect the mind in a positive way.  When we cross ours legs and clasp our fingers energy circuit is formed and gives more stability. Eyes are doors with the mind so eyes should be closed. 

When body relaxes consciousness travel to the next zone, mind and intellect. Mind is nothing but a bundle of thoughts. There are a large number of negative thoughts that an individual experience in everyday life. Whenever there are thoughts in the mind, we may get many questions known or unknown to transcend the mind and intellect. One has to observe the breath. observation is the nature of self so one should just witness the breadth. The density of the thoughts reduces slowly with breath. This is called meditative state.  In this state an individual experience the shower of cosmic energy. Regularly doing meditation increases the incoming cosmic energy to a great extent.  This cosmic energy flows through the energy body. It is also called as etheric body. The energy body forms with more than energy tubes which runs all across the body. All these energies start from the top of the head region. The energy spread throughout the body like roots and shoots of the plants.  The energy body is the basis of human life. The energy body is the main source of all the action and even our existence. During sleep and meditation, an individual receives this cosmic energy. We are using this energy for our body and mind activities like seeing, speaking, sharing, thinking and all physical actions. All these functions all totally based on the incoming cosmic energy attained due to meditation, which is one of the parts of yoga training. This inflow of the cosmic energy is purely based on our thoughts. When we have thoughts the inflow the inflow of cosmic energy is obstructed. In other words, our thoughts are stumbling blocks for the inflow of cosmic energy. When the inflow of cosmic energy is less, this leads to causes ethnic patches in the energy body. These gradually leads to diseases in the physical body. Therefore, the root cause of all the diseases is the lack of energy in the body.

Through meditation we get abundant cosmic energy. It flows through all our body. It cleanses all the inner negativity, undesirable negative thoughts, stress and anxiety. Through this meditation, one gets relieved form all the mental and physical illness. 

Importance of meditation for good health –

  • It helps in controlling negative thoughts. It helps in coordinating the persons mental state and physical state to achieve relaxed and peaceful mind with healthy body.
  • Meditation helps you to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and make the body peaceful and soothes our mind and soul. 
  • Meditation is a connection of our soul to the sub conscious mind. It promotes calmness. 
  • Various health problems can be cured through meditation. A person become more prone from all types of mental illness and physical illness.
  • It is one of the important methods to accomplish inner peace with no stress.  Various studies also reveals that the meditating and yoga training is helpful to control unwanted fear, stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to relax central nerves system and regulate the proper circulation of the flow of blood throughout your body.
  • It’s a kind of investment for you for health and growth
  • A person who does meditation daily are having good and proper sleep without any disturbances making a person fit and healthy. 
  • It is very important method to control one’s mood swings also.

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